COVID-19 Office Sanitization and Disinfection 

We are offering special services for offices and institutions to guard and protect themselves from COVID-19 infection. We have multiple offerings that include, disinfection tunnels, common space fogging, sanitizaition dispenser installation being offered in flexible delivery models AMC/Qty/6 Monthly packages.

Home Sanitization and COVID19 Prevention.

(May be availed by company's for their employees)

We all need to move out of our homes to work. When we do so, we may get infection with us. If you feel that your home may be infected, please avail our home sanitization and prevention services.

Open Area Fogging

We all have to move out for work, in doing so we may get infection to our offices, institutional work space or common areas of living. City Hawks can help you disinfect these common areas by effective open area fogging.